NAME: Shalem Yosef


Yosef Shalem is one of the ten children connected to the Ra’anana children’s murder. On November 11th, 1947, during a training course in a house in the orchards of Ra’anana, British forces broke in. The children began to run. Three girls and two boys were killed by British gunfire. Yosef was among those captured. On December 1st, 1947, Yosef was sentenced to life in prison. At trial, Yosef stated: “We are warriors of the freedom of Israel, we will not be held accountable by the enemy of our people. We will pass judgement – only before Hebrew judges of the independent Hebrew people. We will not participate in this wretched show in which vile murderers dressed in imperialist military uniforms play the role of judges.”

Soon after, Yosef and his friends started singing until they were removed from the hall.