NAME: Shahar (Sabah) Shlomo



DATE OF DEATH: 18 December, 2014

Shlomo Shahar was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1930, to Miriam and Meir Sabah. He made aliya to Israel in 1942.

Shlomo worked as a cobbler in Tel Aviv.

His sympathy for Lehi’s path led Shlomo in 1946 to join the activities of the Lehi Youth Division. He hung posters under the command of Moshe (Recht) Mimon “Yehu” and then assisted in surveillance and standing guard at the boot camp in Sheik Munis. He trained in light weapons in Kerem Hateimanim, night shooting in Tel Litvinsky and ideology in Tel Aviv.

After the independence of Israel, on May 29th, 1948, he enlisted in the IDF with the rest of the Lehi members and joined the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion.

After his military service, he began working in construction. He joined Kibbutz Neve Yair and was a member there until its dissolution. He married Esther and they resided in Holon, where they raised their six daughters.

Shlomo died on December 18th, 2014, and was laid to rest in the cemetery in Yavneh.