NAME: Shabtai Haim (Diko)




Haim, or “Dicko”, as he was called among family and friends, was born in Bulgaria in 1915. He was a student in Beitar, after making aliya to Israel, he joined the Etzel, and after the split in 1940, he followed Yair and joined the Lehi. Diko excelled at avoiding hasty and reckless situations, he was always perfectly shaven and dressed. His appearance portrayed a decent and honest man. Although he was wanted by the CID, he was able to escape re-arrests. In addition to these attributes, it is also worth mentioning his rescue to participation in special operations.

Dicko participated in the Etzel pilot course and was among those to receive wings at the first ceremony held at Lod airport on April 21st, 1938, in the presence of Harold McMichael, the British High Commissioner. The High Commissioner was unaware he was granting pilot licenses to members of the Irgun and when he found out, he was furious.

As part of the underground, Dicko participated in many operations and was held in the Latrun detention camp. He was also responsible for printing and distributing Lehi information materials.

During the War of Independence, Dicko enlisted on May 29th, 1948, together with the rest of Lehi members, to the IDF, and served as deputy to Ya’akov Grenek “Blond Dov”, who was Company Commander of the 89th Commando Battalion. After Dov died in Battle of ‘Auja, Dicko took command of the company. He was noted for his courage in rescuing injured soldiers in the Battles of Iraq Suwaydan and Operation Horev.

After the war, he was Commander of the Engineering Corps in Eilat. In the 1950s, he took part in drying the Hula swamps, establishing the Jordan Channel and the National Water Carrier. In the late 1950s, he was recruited by Yitzhak Shamir to the Mossad and was sent to Morocco to manage security for the Jewish community in Casablanca and for immigration operations. In the early 1960s, he returned to Israel on a mission and worked for Haaretz Newspaper.

On October 19th, 2009, Dicko died at the good old age of 94. He donated his body to science, and on December 30, 2011, he was buried in Pardes Haim cemetery in Kfar Saba. On his tombstone, his family engraved his affiliation with Lehi and his underground alias.