NAME: Senderowitz, Israel



DATE FALLEN: July 10, 1948

Israel was born in Czechoslovakia in 1922 to Moshe and Zipporah. He made aliyah before World War II began in 1939. His experience during his nine years in the Land of Israel was a difficult one, before he gave his life fighting for the Jewish State. His life in Ramat Tiomkin, near Netanya, the city of diamonds, was not sparkling. He had a hard time supporting his wife and two children, as he could not help but think of the crisis facing his people, as millions were being slaughtered back in Europe, including those closest to him.

This feeling led him to Lehi, in order to bring about the redemption. He was known as Shimon. His activities, together with his comrades, hastened the end of the British Mandate. Its place was taken by seven Arab armies which invaded at the establishment of the State, seeking to help the Arabs of the Land of Israel with whom the Yishuv had been engaged in bitter battle ever since the announcement of the Partition Plan six months earlier, on November 29,1947.

Israel was loyal to the Lehi anthem, “Only death liberates us from its ranks,” and did not feel free to do anything for his household. In the first and last official assembly of Lehi, as its members prepared to enlist in the IDF, Israel participated as well. This took place at Ramat Yair, the name that the Lehi members had given to their camp at Sheikh Munis, near Tel Aviv; the residents had cleared out after Lehi members patrolled around it with weapons. Nowadays, this part of Ramat Aviv, and Tel Aviv University was established there. About eight hundred people participated. As was the rule in the underground, each knew only a dozen or two dozen of their comrades. Now they all joined the IDF together, mostly in the armored 8th Brigade, the “old man’s brigade,” commanded by General Yitzhak Sadeh, the legendary Palmach commander. There were three battalions: commando Battalion 81 (later 89), armored Battalion 82 and heavy mortar Battalion 88. Israel was assigned to Battalion 82.

In Operation Danny, the battalion captured the Lod Airfield. Israel was killed in the assault on July 10, 1948.

He was buried in Nahalat Yitzhak Cemetery in Tel Aviv.