Menahem was born on 13.12.1928 in Gorlice, Poland, to Sarah and Yehezkel. The family was Religious Zionist, with five children. His father was a merchant. Due to his business, the family had to move to Berlin, but when the Nazis came into power in 1933, they returned to Poland. They worked very hard to get certificates, and the family was finally able to travel to Vienna and from there to make aliyah in 1935.

The family settled in the Tel Amal (Halisa) neighborhood in Haifa. The father worked hard at a quarry.

Menahem attended kindergarten in Berlin; in the Land of Israel, he studied in the Netzach Israel religious elementary school in Haifa. When he graduated, he got a job at the APC Bank as a courier.

In 1944, Yaakov Maisels recruited him for Lehi.

At age sixteen, he put up posters, dissmeniating and posting promotional materials in the doorways of houses in many neighborhoods in Haifa. He served as a lookout and tracker for British targets, and he fundraised for the underground. He worked alongside Moshe Gil, and they dedicated most of their evening hours, after work, to underground activities, until the wee hours of the morning.

One night, a CID agent caught Menahem as he was putting up posters, Moshe appeared, punched the agent in the face, and the two escaped.

Menahem never breathed a word to his family, friends or co-workers while he was in the underground. However, Moshe was eventually arrested, which led Menahem’s mother to confront him and demand, out of fear, that he have no involvement with the underground, but he did not respond and continued his activities.

After the Partition Plan was announced, he was recruited by the leaders of his neighborhood, in early December 1947, to the nascent IDF. He served in Battalion 22, at first in the general staff, and then in Rosh Pina and Mishmar HaYarden. Because of problems with his vision, he was transferred in 1949 to the office of the Haifa municipal officer, where he served as a sergeant.

After his demobilization, he started working at the Ministry of Finance, where he spent 28 years as a land assessor, until he retied in 1978. He then worked for Bank Leumi and the Histadrut’s Nativ Pension Fund.

In 1956, he married Yehudit Sterling, from Romania, who served in the IDF in intelligence and then worked at Bank Leumi. They have two sons and a daughter.