NAME: Schwadron (Elkin) Shoshana


DATE OF BIRTH: 8 February, 1919

DATE OF DEATH: 1 March, 2008

Shoshana, daughter of Alexander, was born on February 8th, 1919. She made aliya to Israel in 1925. She worked as a school and kindergarten teacher.

Shoshana joined Lehi in 1940. That same year, she married Moshe Schwadron “Yigal”, also a Lehi member.

The couple lived in Jerusalem and their home was used as a guesthouse for Lehi members, including members wanted by the British police and those wounded in various underground operations. The passcode in order to receive assistance when coming to their house was the word “Yehuda”. In their home, they also hid weapons and ammunition.

Shoshana served in Lehi from 1940 to 1948.

Shoshana and Moshe had one daughter and three sons – Adva, Yoav, Shir and Eli.

Shoshana died on March 1st, 2008 and was buried on HarHamenuhot in Givat Shaul Cemetery in Jerusalem.