NAME: Schneiweis David



DATE FALLEN: July 25, 1948

David (nicknamed Didi) was born in 1924 in Chernivtsi, Bukovina (then Romania, now Ukraine). He was active in Beitar from a young age, and he completed high school in Romania. During World War II, he and his friends continued their Zionist activity illegally, as a sort of underground. When the Red Army came close, he fled to the capital, Bucharest. In March 1944, he managed, with some of his friends, to get on the ship Maritza and reach Istanbul. From there, they continued on a Mapilim ship.

After first setting foot in the country, he worked in construction, but he believed that as long as the war was still raging, he should join the British Army. However, he was persuaded to instead join the Palmach. David was attached to the unit at Kibbutz Ein Harod in Jezreel Valley, at the foot of Mount Gilboa. In June 1946, he was part of the Az-Zeeb Bridge operation, during the Jewish Resistance Movement. Once the Hagana and the Palmach withdrew, he returned to his nationalist inclinations and joined Lehi.

He continued to take part in anti-British operations. Since he had acquired a great deal of knowledge in the Palmach, he became an instructor in firearms and explosives, and he was an expert in mine construction. He was also active in Haifa, attacking British targets. Afterwards, he was transferred to the south to bomb the rails and the roads.

After the Partition Plan, the Arabs attacked the Yishuv throughout the country. Jerusalem was supposed to be an international city, but the IZL and Lehi refused to accept this and fought against both the British, who had not yet evacuated, and the Arabs, who were starting to seize Jewish neighborhoods. David went up to Jerusalem and joined the fighters. He went out on combat missions, against both British and Arab targets. Inter alia, he was part of the attempt to break through the walls of the Old City, the attack on Deir Yassin and the assault on Beit Mazmil.

On July 25,1948 while he inspected the armory at the Lehi camp in Talbiyeh, an explosion occurred, killing all five people present. David’s body was blown up. He was buried in Jerusalem’s Sanhedria Cemetery.