Eliezer, son of Hayim and Teela, was born in Tiberias in 1933. His parents had been born in the Land of Israel, and their ancestors had come in 1778 from Russia. He studied in Yeshivat Maor HaTorah, near the Tiberias Hot Springs, and he was a member of the Bnei Akiva youth movement. Before his bar mitzva celebration, he already had been recruited to Lehi and received the nickname Uzi. He in turn recruited his good friends, and he went out on missions with them as part of the youth division. He put up posters and issues of HaMaas. The glue would be cooked under a table in the synagogue of the Karliner Hassidim. He also observed the rail movement by the British, particularly by Galilee-Acre District Commissioner Evans, who travelled on the Tiberias-Tzemah route.

One time, as he was putting up posters, Hagana men identified him and told his father about his activities. Since his father was the Egged director for Tiberias, they threatened him: if Eliezer did not quit Lehi, they would turn him over to the British. His father made him promise to do this, but Eliezer consulted a Kabbalistic rabbi in the city who released him from the vow because he had been compelled to take it and he had never intended to fulfill it. He continued his underground activity with his companions, most of whom came from the Haredi sector and Haredi families. They were motivated to fight the foreign occupiers out of both nationalist and religious fervor.

He joined the IDF and served as a demolitions sergeant in the Paratroopers Brigade. After the Bernadotte assassination, he continued to support Lehi by working to promote the Fighters’ Party (symbol: Tu).

He married Esther Gross, and they have three children. He held many important public position: director of the World Council for Torah Education, member of the board of the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency; member of the board of Bar-Ilan University; president of the Bnei Zion chapter of Bnai Brith in Jerusalem; central committee member of the National Religious Party and member of the central committee of World Mizrachi. His hobbies include Israeli literature and Jewish music.