Herzl was born on 20.8.1930 in Baghdad to Daisy and Binyamin, Zionist activists who dreamed of making aliyah. Indeed, the family made aliyah in 1932, when Herzl was still a baby, settling in Neve Shalom in Tel Aviv, near the Jaffa border. Herzl studied in the Tachkemoni School in Tel Aviv, and once he finished his studies, he continued to study privately for external matriculation exams. As a young boy, he absorbed in his home the love of the homeland and the nationalist spirit. He identified with the underground struggle against the British foreign occupier. In 1946, he was recruited to Lehi, and like every youth in the division, he was sent to put up HaMaas throughout the city, to disseminate promotional material, to carry messages, to act as a lookout, et cetera. Later, he was reassigned to intelligence (Dept. 6), and he would gather information on various underground targets.

After the Partition Plan, Lehi set up a camp at Sheikh Munis in northern Tel Aviv; the Arab residents had fled. Herzl was sent to this camp, which sat between two large abandoned buildings, and he was trained with firearms by Tzvi Shohami, “Temple Mount Danny.” Together with Lehi members, Herzl joined the IDF there on 28.5.1948, and he was assigned to Company A of Battalion 82 in the 8th Brigade, under the command of Yitzhak Sadeh. Herzl fought in all the battalion’s battles, from the capture of Lod (now Ben-Gurion) Airport, the city of Lod, Ramleh and the surrounding towns. He was part of the Battle of Latrun (a failure), the Battle of Iraq al-Menashiya (also a failure), the capture of Beersheba and the Iraq Suwaydan police fort (Negba), and the capture of Auja el-Hafir (Nitzana). After the War of Independence, he kept serving in the reserves in the Armored Corps, fighting in both the Sinai War and the Six-Day War. During the Yom Kippur War, he was part of the Civil Defense.

From 1956 on, Herzl worked in the Israel Electric Corporation, as director of the customer relations department in the Southern District, until he retired in 1995, after four decades of working there.

On 5.3.1958, he married Albertine Satie, and they had four children.

After Albertine’s passing, he married Lily Shohat.

Herzl enjoyed classical music and touring throughout Israel and abroad.