NAME: Samsonov Yoel

DATE OF BIRTH: 29 April, 1915

Yoel Samsonov, son of Zalman was born in Israel on April 29th, 1915. In 1946 he joined the Lehi in intelligence and logistics positions in Binyamina and the surrounding area. As a native of Zichron Ya’acov, he knew the area well and often served as a scout and guide in operations carried out by the resistance. He helped transport the escapees from Acre to Tel Aviv in May 1947. He drove his motorcycle in front of 2 taxis that took the escapees, and his job was to signal to the taxis when he saw British police checkpoints by lowering his hat. He concealed Lehi members in his home, including members who escaped from Acre prison.

He married Lehi member Sarah and lived in Binyamina. He received the Lehi badge.