NAME: Sagi (Amsterdam) Haim

LEHI ALIAS: Yirmiyahu


Haim was born in 1932 to Kfar Avraham to Yeshayahu Ze’ev and Tova Amsterdam. His parents made aliyah from Germany. Haim attended the She’erit Israel religious school in Petah Tikva, then Yeshivat Ponevezh.

In his youth, he joined Beitar, and in 1946-1947, he was recruited to Lehi. As with the other youths, he was involved in putting up posters and disseminating propaganda, such as the newspaper HaMaas, as well as conducting surveillance and observation. He was known as Yirmiyahu. His two brothers were also in the underground, one in the Hagana and other in the IZL.

During the War of Independence, he was a paratrooper. After his demobilization, he joined the settlement of Nordia, near Netanya, founded by Revisionists and Beitar members. For many years, he was the secretary of the settlement, and he was active in the social sphere of settlements in Judea and Samaria. He directs the youth center of Beitar and is a members of its central institutions.

He fought in each of Israel’s wars. He married Malka Ben-Ray, and they have two daughters (Shoshana and Orit) and a son (Dror).