NAME: Rothkopf, Meir


DATE OF BIRTH: June 22, 1930

DATE OF DEATH: October 31, 1986

Meir was born on 22.6.1930 to Esther (Ethel) and Shlomo Rothkopf in Breslau, Germany. After the rise of Hitler, the family made aliyah in 1934. The father was a Beitar member and educated Meir in the spirit of Jabotinsky. Meir volunteered as a youth for Lehi, where he received the nom de guerre Uzi. He studied in Tel Nordau Elementary School in Tel Aviv, then the Montefiore Professional High School, until his parents sent him to London in 1947 to continue his studies and to distance him underground activity. In fact, this journey was the perfect cover for underground activity, as he was given various missions. As a ginger, his appearance and hair color were the perfect cover; everyone took him for an Irishman.

When the State was established, Meir returned to serve in the IDF. His trip was funded by the Jewish Agency, under whose auspices he travelled to Marseilles and then escorted Holocaust survivors on the ship to Israel.

During the War of Independence, he served in the Air Force as a corporal. He took the navigators’ course. He served in aerial bombings of Egyptian targets in the Gaza Strip and Sinai Desert. He got a scar at some point during his service, in combat or in a training exercise, but he refused to explain when or how he was injured.

After his demobilization, he was a member of a cooperative repairing engines. Later, he took a course for travel agents, and until his death he worked as a sales agent for Swiss Air.

He was a nationalist Zionist, and so he refused to accept German reparations. He was thoughtful, a good friend, a dedicated worker, who loved what he did and found his life’s meaning in it. Even though he became very sick, his interest in his work never waned.

In 1951, he married Rachel Avrahami. They had two daughters.

He died, after a difficult illness, on 31.10.1986.