NAME: Rosa, Hanoch

DATE OF BIRTH: January 2, 1929

DATE FALLEN: July 25, 1948

Hanoch was born on January 2,1929 in Hadera to Azriel and Ahuva. He studied in the local school and was known to be good-natured and sociable. He loved to help others. He had “golden hands,” and was successful in every field he applied himself to. He had a good musical ear and could pick up melodies quickly, then play them on various instruments. After he finished school, he went out to support the family, working as a framer and electrician.

Throughout his youth, he was well aware of the developments in the country, and he was quite interested in the political positions of the various parties and movements, as well as the underground struggle. He was not unmoved by the situation.

As soon as he turned eighteen, he joined Lehi’s fight to expel the British from the Land of Israel. The year was 1947, and the Mandate was coming to an end, as the British declared their intentions to prepare to remove their personnel as quickly as possible. Still, many doubted their commitment. The fight against the British would last a few more months. Hanoch was in the youth division, putting up posters and training both in ideology and firearms.

When the State was established, Hanoch joined the Golani Brigade, fighting in all of its battles: in the counteroffensive at Mishmar HaEmek, in the battles for Mt. Carmel, in Beit She’an and in the operations to liberate the Galilee.

The last battle he fought in was Operation Shoter, fighting against the “little triangle,” consisting of Ayn Ghazal, Ijzim and Ja’ba, which blocked the coastal highway from Haifa south. He was killed in action on  July 25,1948 by an enemy bullet, as he carried his Spandau submachine gun.

He was buried in the Hadera Cemetery.