NAME: Ron (Rachmimov) Harry




Harry (Richard) was born in 1925 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to Sofia and Baruch. His father was a professor of education who inculcated in his son the yearning to revive the Nation of Israel in order to achieve independence in its homeland. Harry imbibed these ideas and longed to realize them. He studied in the local government Gymnasium, joining Beitar in his hometown. Eventually, he succeeded in realizing his dream of aliyah, despite the fact that World War II was raging. In 1944, he received a certificate and he arrived with a number of friends from Beitar in Bulgaria, by way of Turkey and Syria.

He studied chemical engineering at the Technion in Haifa, and at the same time, he supported himself by working as a laboratory technician at the Haifa Oil Refineries. This allowed him to complete his studies and his chemical engineering degree.

Harry was recruited to Lehi in 1947 by Farhi, his friend from Beitar in Bulgaria, whom he met after making aliyah. Once he had joined, he found out that many of his friends from Beitar in Bulgaria had joined Lehi. Harry worked mostly in intelligence (Dept. 6), and it was his mission to get as much information as possible about the refinery, the most important British strategic asset in the country. As a chemical engineer, he also managed to give the underground important information and formulas for the production of explosive and incendiary materials.

In February 1948, Harry was sent to the Lehi camp at Sheikh Munis, where he was trained for combat, but once his course was completed, he was ordered back to the refinery by his underground commanders. In May of that year, he enlisted in the IDF, serving in the Air Force, and after finishing the officers training course there, he was a flight oversight officer. Later, he was transferred to the Artillery Corps, where he commanded an anti-aircraft battery. He was also part of the research and development division of the Air Force, working inter alia on the development of flammable materials and the storage of fuel.

In 1950, he was discharged from the IDF. In 1952, his parents made aliyah.

In 1959, he married Ettie Jersey, and they had a daughter, Irit.

He went on to be the chief engineering officer of a large oil company; even though he was well past retirement age, the company did not want to lose him.

He lived in Tel Aviv.