NAME: Rivlin, Moshe



DATE OF DEATH: April 30, 2005

Moshe was born in in Jerusalem in 1930 to Mordechai, a municipal worker, a seventh-generation native, and Aliza. The family was religiously observant and had four children. He studied for eight years in Talmud Torah Mizrahi, where he learned Torah and secular subjects. From 1944 on, he was a member of Brit Hashmona’im. A few months later, when he joined Lehi, he stopped studying and began taking old jobs.

As with other youths, he at first put up posters and disseminated promotional materials. Six months later, he was given responsibility for warehouses of equipment and weapons, the Caucasian warehouse in Beit Israel and the Kandinof warehouse by the Egged station on Jaffa Street. This meant that he had to get the weapons from those who had attacked the CID building and get it to the warehouse. He also conducted surveillance and other operations, such as liberating Dr. Israel Eldad from the British. This was when Elad was at Dr. Troy’s clinic in Jerusalem, where he had been sent from Latrun. He also threw grenades at the British guards at the entrance to Camp Allenby, and more. In 1947, due to disagreements with his superiors in Lehi, he and two comrades left, rejoining Brit Hashmona’im and eventually the Hagana. He went to a squad commanders’ course in Kfar Etzion. With the outbreak of the battles for the War of Independence, he fought for Gush Etzion, but he was captured by the Jordanians at Masuot Yitzhak.

Only after months had passed, in March 1949, was he released, then discharged from the IDF. He continued to serve as a reservist until 1980.

He studied at the College for Economics and Administration in Jerusalem and graduated from there. He also began working at Jerusalem Transport Limited, a company which brought supplies to Jerusalem. He became a manager in 1963, and he kept working there until he retired in 1998.

In 1959, he married Rachel Shnizhak, a secretary in a government office who had made aliyah from Poland two years earlier. They live in Jerusalem and have three children.