NAME: Riemann (Buxenboim) Bracha


DATE OF BIRTH: 5 September, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: 29 September, 1984

Bracha Riemann was born in Poland to Gershon Buxenboim and Tzipora Revina. The family was traditional, religious, Zionist and revisionist. Ze’ev Jabotinsky was the revered figure in the house. Her older brother, Mordechai, made aliya at the age of 15 to attend the Mikve-Israel Agricultural School. The rest of the family made aliya in 1933. Bracha and her sister Rachel Piha “Heruta” joined the Lehi underground after the arrest of their brother Binyamin Haruvi (Buxenboim) “Simcha”. Bracha acted as coordinator in Division 6 under Efrat’s command and in the Medical Division under the command of Meir Pony “Shaul”.

She received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge. Bracha died Tuesday September 29th, 1984, and was laid to rest at Sdeh Yehoshua Cemetery in Haifa.