NAME: Rieber, Shlomo

LEHI ALIAS: Nehushtan


Shlomo, son of Gershon and Hannah, was born in 1926 in the city of Hrubieszów in southeastern Poland, near Lublin. He was the third child in a family of four. The father was a merchant, and the family was in a good financial situation. The father, who was a Belzer Hassid, also trained young boys for their bar mitzva celebrations. After they made aliyah, he was a beadle for the local Belzer institutions. Shlomo studied in his youth in a Polish school, while his father tutored him in Jewish studies and Torah.

In 1938, the family made aliyah and settled in Tiberias, near a brother who had made aliyah first and acquired certificates for the rest of them. Shlomo’s brother was a Beitar member, and he went up with Shlomo Ben-Yosef to Rosh Pina in the Galilee.

In 1939, the family moved to Tel Aviv. Shlomo and his sisters went to work to help the family. They immediately joined the Brit Hashmona’im youth movement. Shlomo and his sisters became politically involved. His house was a nationalist one, reading nationalist newspapers, and his parents encouraged their children’s activities. As was true for most Brit Hashmona’im members, they joined the IZL. This included Shlomo, who joined Company H, as well as his two sisters. The older sister, Zipporah (known as Ziona), participated in many IZL operations, including the capture of Jaffa. She enlisted in the IDF with the other IZL members, holding the rank of sergeant.

After the IZL split, Shlomo decided to join Lehi, recruited by Yehuda “Bar-Giora” Feder, his former instructor in Brit Hashmona’im. His roles in the movement included recruitment, dissemination of materials and receiving mail from abroad and distributing it to the underground members. He also acquired the false identification cards needed for underground activities.

In 1944, he took part in a firearms course in Tel Aviv. He worked in binding at a printshop, then at a stationery store.

After the State was established, he could not join the IDF due to health problems. Nevertheless, during the War of Independence, he was active in setting up Lehi youth clubs for when the soldiers were on leave. He was one of the founders of Neve Yair, the Lehi veterans’ kibbutz. He remained there until it was disbanded.

Shlomo returned to Tel Aviv and started working for the merchants’ union, from 1950 until 1982. From 1982 until 1999, he worked for the pharmacists’ union.

In 1958, he married Rachel, born in Belgium and hidden in France during the war. They had a daughter. They live in Tel Aviv.

Shlomo now works part-time at Bnai Brith. He participates in conferences and memorial services at Beit Yair.