NAME: Raz (Rozenzaft), Tzvi


DATE OF DEATH: December 27, 1988

Tzvi was born in 1917 in Lodz, Poland. He made aliyah in 1934. He joined the Beitar company in Zikhron Yaakov, as well as the IZL. At first, he was active in the area of Hadera. While still in the Zikhron Yaakov company, he was arrested by the British and taken to Acre Prison. While he was in prison, more and more prisoners were added, including David Raziel and Yair Stern.

When it became too crowded, they were transferred to Tzrifin, which was old and dilapidated. The detainees held a hunger strike to try to improve their conditions. Tzvi’s health was negatively impacted. Because he contracted a contagious disease, he was released, but he had nowhere to live. Leumit Health Fund helped him find a place to stay while he recovered.

In 1939, he became the IZL commander in Hadera. After many confrontations with Hagana men there, after he was severely beaten on suspicion of having betrayed the Hagana, he left Hadera. When the IZL split, he joined Lehi, and he transferred some of the former’s weapons to the latter. He became the deputy of Yashke Lebstein. He blew up the British population registry office. This prevented the authorities from identifying who had made aliyah illegally. His friend Lily Burg, who worked with him at the time, ended up marrying an Arab; her husband became the Jordanian ambassador to the United States.

Tzvi was also active in Jerusalem. The CID was after him. In order to prevent the arrest of his friend, in whose house he was living, he turned himself in. He was immediately arrested and subjected to harsh conditions for an extended period of time. From time to time he would be brought for identification procedures, but this produced nothing. In 1941, he was transferred to Mizra, then to Acre, to Latrun, and finally to Africa. He was among the last to be brought back from Kenya.

He worked in the Department of Agriculture until he retired. He was a craftsman, a skill he picked up while he was detained. He would create statues as well as medals for sports champions.

He passed away on 27.12.1988, leaving behind three children: Amit, Sarit and Adi.