Avraham was born in 1934 to his father, a rabbi and rabbinical court judge in Tel Aviv. He studied in Yeshivat Chevron, later continuing his studies in the kollel there.

As a youth, he joined Lehi in 1947, out of a deep belief in expelling the British. For him, it was chutzpa on the part of the British to rule over the Promised Land, while they kept Holocaust refugees from emigrating. He expressed these views where they would be heard by someone connected to the underground. Indeed, he was soon summoned to the Lehi admissions board.

As a youth, his job was putting up posters and disseminating materials in other ways. A young woman name Kokhava was his supervisor (she was Miriam Fried, who later died tragically in the Camp Dror explosion). He recruited new members and worked for the admissions board. When the fight against the Arabs began, he served in Lifta and Sheikh Badr, then in Camp Dror; he also did guard duty at the Lehi positions at Notre Dame, opposite the Old City. When the State was established, Avraham enlisted in the IDF, serving throughout the War of Independence.

Afterwards, he was one of the founders of P’eylim. He was active in helping those who had recently made aliyah, in protecting traditional Judaism and in fighting the missionizing organizations in the country. In the settlements and immigrants’ centers, he set up yeshivot and schools. He was an educator and rosh yeshiva, and he helped establish many Torah institutions. He founded the movement to return to traditional observance of Judaism, establishing Yeshivat Ohr Sameach to cater to this demographic. He would lecture in kibbutzim, in the army, in high schools and in universities throughout the country, establishing many groups for Jewish studies as the emissary of the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Ponevezh, Rabbi Shach. He also led many public struggles for the Jewish character of Israeli society.

In 1988, he founded Degel HaTorah (The Flag of the Torah) Movement, earning a seat in the 12th Knesset. He served as Deputy Housing Minister and on the Education, Constitution and Law Committee and on the Immigration and Absorption Committee. He was also part of the Knesset delegation to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In the 13th Knesset, he was one of the spokesmen of the opposition, and he defended the Jewish character of the State. In the 14th Knesset, he chaired the Finance Committee. He also met Jewish leaders in the Untied States. He was very active in the implementation of the Government Health Law and the welfare and assistance budgets.

He was also the head of the reparations committee for Holcaust survivors at the Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. insurance company.

Avraham is married and the father of twelve.