NAME: Ravina Haim

LEHI ALIAS: Avshalom

DATE OF BIRTH: December 27, 1919

Haim was born in 27.12.1919 in Izbica, Poland. His father, Shlomo Zalman, was a merchant and later a city clerk. His mother, Pearl, was a homemaker raising three children. At ten or eleven, he joined Beitar and soon became deputy commander of the branch. In 1937 or 1938, he joined the IZL. Haim formed a cell of six fighters.

When the war broke out, the Polish citizens fled. There were rumors that the peasants were going to attack the Jews and loot their property. Haim and his comrades decided to pre-empt this. Due to their contacts, they were able to get five rifles from the police in order to defend the Jews. They went out to the village of Zoyb, which was known for its anti-Semites. As they approached the village, they noticed a group of youths in the woods. They opened fire and chased them out. This kept the peasants from attacking Izbica. Two days later, the Red Army arrived and took over.

Haim wanted to make aliyah, so he made his way to Vilnius. The next day, war broke out between Russia and Germany. He was drafted into the Russian Army, but he deserted and joined the Polish Army. When he reached the Land of Israel, he deserted the Polish Army. When he heard of the split in the IZL, he joined Lehi.

When the CID caught him, he was arrested and turned over to the Polish Army, which tried and sentenced him to five years in prison, which he began serving on Mt. Zion. He was later transferred to the south, from which he managed to flee for the third and final time. In 1946-1947, he was ordered to set up a cell in Netanya. This cell laid mines in the vicinity and blew up two international communications centers belonging to the British. They also distributed promotional material.

Haim was part of the attack on the “Kalaniot” on the Tel Aviv seashore. He threw a grenade into a British police car, killing a policeman.

After this, he was on full duty with the operations division. He blew up the oil train, attacked British soldiers at Pardes Hannah, laid mines and shot at army vehicles. One of the operations was cancelled because of conflict with the Hagana: an attack on British soldiers in a café in Ramatayim. While he was protecting those putting up posters in Raanana, he was attacked by Hagana youths, who beat him so severely that he was hospitalized for months. He moved on to the technical division, making explosives and Sten guns.

In May 1948, he joined the IDF’s Battalion 89 of the 8th Brigade, fighting at Deir Tarif, where he was wounded. He spent ten months in the hospital. In April 1949, Haim started working at Tel HaShomer hospital, until April 1952. In September 1953, he married Raya Rachel Zunis. They had three children.

From 1959 to 1961, he studied public management, receiving his degree in medical administration and finance in 1975-1976.  He worked for 33 years in hospital administration, at general hospitals and specialized facilities. For 20 years, he was a member of the Israel Council of Hospital Administrators