NAME: Ravid (Shabelba) Miriam


DATE OF BIRTH: 29 May, 1914

DATE OF DEATH: 10 March, 2012

Miriam Ravid, daughter of Hillel and Bella Shabelba, was born in Latvia on Wednesday, May 29th, 1914, and made aliya in 1933. In 1936, she joined the Etzel, and after the split she moved to the Lehi and was active in Haifa and Tel Aviv until 1942. She served in coordination, training and secretarial positions. Among her commanders were Enoch Kalei (Strelitz) and Benjamin Zironi “Avner”. She received the Lehi badge. In 1935 she married Eliyahu Ravid (Mazadi) “Heyman” who was also a member of Lehi. They had two sons and a daughter. Miriam worked as an editor. She died March 10th, 2012 and was laid to rest in the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv.