NAME: Ram (Luria-Retoshnik) Hasiya

DATE OF BIRTH: 25 September, 1925

Hasiya was born on September 25th, 1925. She joined the Lehi and the A.T.S. and served as a Red Cross ambulance driver. The official vehicle allowed her access anywhere without arousing suspicion. As part of her work, she was in contact with Eliyahu Hakim and drove him and perhaps also Eliyahu Beit-Zuri, to monitor Lord Moyne’s house. She also risked her life, hanging posters and distributing Lehi informational material in soldier camps. She smuggled weapons from Egypt into Israel as a soldier. She acted responsibly, with discretion and kept her cool at British military police checks. She used to hide weapons and explosives under her bed at the Qasr El Nil military camp.

In the British Army, she met her future husband Ya’akov Ratushnik, a pilot in the Royal British Air Force, and she couldn’t resist his pressure to leave Lehi, so she left the Lehi after the assassination of Lord Moines. Nevertheless, following the interrogation and torture of Rafael Sadowski at the Egyptian Bureau, she was arrested, she was handed over to the British, who transferred her along with the other detainees to Israel. She was held in the Women’s Prison in Bethlehem until the end of 1946.

Her husband Ya’akov was a pilot in the Israeli Air Force and after their marriage, they changed their surname to Ram and moved to Montreal, Canada. Hasiya died at the age of 79.