NAME: Pony, Meir

LEHI ALIAS: Shaul, Amihud

DATE OF BIRTH: September 24,1925

DATE FALLEN: July 18,1948

Meir was born on September 24,1925 in Tel Aviv to Fruma and Avraham, traditional Jews who came from Poland in the third aliyah. They opened a workers’ restaurant. Later, they earned a living from their patisserie. Meir was the second of seven children. He studied in the Tachkemoni School and finished his studies with honors. His teachers saw him as a brilliant student, and they encouraged him to go further in academia, but his family’s financial situation forced him to work during the day and study at night.

In 1940, at age fourteen, he joined Lehi. He showed uncommon courage, determination, dedication, organizational ability and capacity to execute. His superiors quickly learned of his talents.

In 1944, during the Saison, when the intelligence division needed help to stop the pursuit of Lehi members, Meir was sent to assist, and he became the right hand of the director, and eventually his deputy. Meir dedicated himself to the intelligence division, so that it could become the eyes and ears of the movement throughout the country, providing any needed information. He would go to places where the movement needed more information, and he forged connections with intelligence sources and organized branches. He would personally turn, as a teenager, to Jewish officers in the CID, persuading them to serve Lehi. He convinced Jewish informers to provide false and tendentious information to their British masters, laying traps to destroy them. Sergeant Keeley of the CID, who was fluent in Hebrew, was injured by Meir and Uzi the Ginger, from the operations division, when they shot him in a café in Haifa; he was left disabled and forced to retire from the force and leave the country.

Meir was an attractive boy, talented in many disciplines. He wrote poems which were published posthumously and which appear in IDF memorial albums; they are read on radio and television on days of remembrance.

When the War of Independence began, Meir joined Lehi in Jerusalem and fought with them. At the same time, he opposed the central committee’s deviation from its strategic plan to fight for the neuralization of the Middle East, in order to reach an understanding among all of its liberation movements. After the State was established, he joined the Israeli Navy’s marine company. His company was sent to the southern front to attack the fortified village of Bayt ‘Affa. Though the village had rebuffed every previous attack, Meir’s company stormed and captured it.

However, Meir was killed in action on July 18,1948 aged 22. He was buried in Nahalat Yitzhak Cemetery.