NAME: Pinchasi (Mizrahi) Yitzhak


DATE OF BIRTH: 5 May, 1930

Yitzhak Pinchasi, son of Simcha and Rachamim, was born in Jerusalem on May 7th, 1930. When he was 16, in 1946 he joined the Lehi underground as a fighter. He escaped from Jerusalem for fear of being arrested by the British and hid with his brother in Kibbutz Nir-Am in the Negev. He then joined one of the Lehi units that operated in the Sharon area fighting against attacks by Arab gangs. His commander was Zvi Shahami “Danny the Temple”. He enlisted in the IDF with most Lehi members on May 29th, 1948 and joined the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion. He received the Lehi badge. He married Lehi member, Rachel Mizrahi “Nimroda”. He and his wife Rachel were among the settlers in Kibbutz Neve Yair. They stayed there for a year. Yitzhak and Rachel have 3 children, 2 daughters and a son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.