NAME: Peters (Pioterkovski) David


DATE OF BIRTH: 12 June, 1929

David Peters, son of Heniek and Roza, was born in Warsaw, Poland, on Wednesday June 12th, 1929. His parents had a menswear shop and their financial situation was excellent. David went to a private school. When he was 10 years old, World War II broke out. He and his family were transferred to the Warsaw Ghetto, where they remained until 1941. They then moved from place to place until David and his father were moved to the camp at Auschwitz. He remained at the camp for about a year and a half until it was liberated. After his release, he moved to various places until he arrived at a refugee camp in Italy. In 1945 he made Aliya and arrived at his grandparents’ home in Jerusalem. In 1946 he joined the Youth Division of Lehi in Jerusalem and would hang posters. Later he also worked in ideology in Tel Aviv. After the declaration of independence of Israel, he enlisted in the IDF with most Lehi members on May 29th, 1948 and joined the 8th Battalion. After the Six-Day War, he moved to the United States, where he worked with diamonds. He married Rivka and the couple had two children, Yitzhak and Nurit. He received the Lehi badge.