NAME: Perry (née Viezel), Yehudit


DATE OF BIRTH: January 15, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: August 16, 1992

Yehudit was born on January 15, 1926 in Cluj, Romania, to Karol and Jolanda Viezel, to a traditional and Zionistic family. Her father was an excellent athlete and a soccer coach. In 1932, when she was six, they made aliyah and settled in Jerusalem.

Yehudit studied in the Evelina de Rothschild School and excelled. She joined the Mahanot HaOlim youth movement, and was exemplary in her abilities to lead and communicate. At age fifteen, with Henrietta Szold’s help, she joined Yeladim Olim, going out for training at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan. At age sixteen, at the height of World War II, she joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women’s branch of the British Army during the war. This allowed her to fight the Germans much like her father, who also volunteered. A short time, when her age was revealed, she was sent back from Egypt to the Land of Israel.

In 1944, Yehudit married Ladislaus Wadas, and had a daughter Naomi. A year later, she separated from her husband and joined Lehi. She was active in Netanya, and she moved there and married Israel Yarkoni, a Lehi member, filling different roles in the underground. Among other things, she was active in the public relations department.

In late 1947, as the Lehi newspaper HaMivrak began publication, she became the secretary to the editor, Eliyahu Amikam, a role she fulfilled with talent and dedication. Shortly before the State was established, she maintained communications with foreign journalists and prominent institutions, including the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Jewish Problems in Palestine and Europe. She was responsible for the Lehi club for soldiers by the Tel Aviv seashore. After the Bernadotte assassination, she was arrested with other Lehi members, imprisoned in Acre Prison and freed after she became ill.

After her second divorce, she married Avigdor Perry, an American journalist who worked for the Jerusalem Post. From 1951 to 1960, she lived in America and had three sons. When she returned to Israel, she settled in Herzliya Pituah. She worked for the Itim agency, her husband’s public-relations firm, in the linguistics department of Tel Aviv University; and more. She was active in Bnai Brith. She dedicated all of her free time to the Beit HaLohem Disabled IDF Veterans Center in Afeka.

Yehudit was a believer in Greater Israel and the settlement of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. She herself tried to settle in Sharm-a-Sheikh. She was ready to fight her whole life for this goal.

She passed away on August 16,1992.