Daniel was born in Tel Aviv in January 1929. His parents made aliyah from Poland in 1924, and they were among the founders of Magdiel. They were involved in agriculture, and later in commerce. Daniel joined Young Maccabee in Magdiel. He studied in the Pardes Hannah Agricultural High School, training in Gadna.  In 1946, he finished his studies, returned to Magdiel and joined Lehi. Heruti was his first supervisor.

As he had a license to drive a motorcycle, the Lehi Central Committee assigned him a motorcycle to maintain communications, to smuggle weapons and to provide food to the fugitive in Berman Orchard, in Gan Shlomo. He recruited She’altiel Ben-Yair to Lehi; Ben-Yair ran a mental hospital, and he hired these fugitives, who were provided for there.

Daniel was trained with light weapons in Raanana, in a school in which Lehi courses were hold. He also used his motorcycle to provide food for the students. On the day that the British killed five Lehi youths training in Raanana, he was on his way towards them, on his motorcycle, to bring them food. However, once he saw the British Army, he turned around, saving his life.

He took part in many operations: mining roads used by British cars and trains, blowing up the Army gas station near Kfar Yona, blowing up the Army cinema at Camp Dora in Netanya, cutting the secret underground telephone lines of the British Army, and more.

After the jailbreak from Acre Prison, he rode his motorcycle as the vanguard, in front of the truck carrying two of the prison escapees from Binyamina to Magdiel. One was hidden in his brother Zeev’s house, the other in the home of Dr. Matityahu Aharon.

Daniel was known to Jewish policemen in Kfar Saba as a Lehi member. After the attempt to throw grenades at Bren Universal Carriers patrolling the orchards, Officer Rosenblum (later Chief of the Kfar Saba Police) approached him and asked him not to do so again, as the British were assigning a Jewish policeman to each Bren Universal Carrier.

On May 10,1948, he joined the IDF, serving in the Transportation Corps. He finished his service as a first lieutenant in the reserves. He served as transportation officer in the supply company of the Air Force. He served in the Sinai War, the Six-Day War, Yom Kippur War and the First Lebanon War.

In 1950, he married Ruth Korisky from Ganei Am. They have two sons, a daughter and seven grandchildren. They lived in Magdiel. Daniel was a Likud councilmember in Hod HaSharon.