Yisrael was born in Motal  Poland, November 1909. His father Meir, was a lumber merchant and  mother Meitel raised their four sons. Yisrael studied in a ‘Cheder’ a few years, then assisted his father in the  business.

Joining Beitar young deepened his Zionist-Nationalist education; his aspiration to make Aliya strengthened. He  fulfilled his dream 1927, aged 18, through clandestine Aliya. He left Poland by train to Italy and continued his journey aboard a rickety old immigrants’ ship, which reached the shores of Atlit illegally after a hazardous voyage. They were welcomed by Etzel members, waiting ashore, who led them to a safe place before  British forces could arrive and arrest them. He straightaway joined the Beitar Work Teams. He stayed first in Rosh-Pina, and was transferred  to Zichron-Ya’acov, then  Binyamina, where he worked at the winery and agricultural jobs. In 1938 he moved to Tel-Aviv and married Henya Ziman 1939. She’d arrived in Israel from Poland, as part of the ‘Maccabia’, and remained. When the 1940 split occured he joined Yair and became a Lehi member. He was active in the Tel-Aviv region, especially in gaining public support. He recruited men and women whose views  fitted the Underground’s views, and could provide shelter for Lehi fugitives and weapons storage space. After establishment of the State and the disbanding of Lehi, Yisrael joined the IDF. At the end of his military service, when the War of Independence was over, he joined the Israel Police force, and worked in the Personnel Dept. as Inspector. At  65 he retired, but continued working in  Leumi Bank’s head branch till age 72. Yisrael was active in the committee of expatriates from his hometown Motal, whose citizens were all massacred by the Germans, including his own parents and three brothers. He ensured the building of a Memorial for his townspeople  at the Holon cemetery. Israel passed away on October 6,1989, and was buried in Holon. He left behind  wife Henya,  son Shraga, and three grandchildren: Meir, David, and Yisrael.