NAME: Osherov (Oshrovitz) Henya nee Verzevsky and Tsadok

DATE OF BIRTH: Tzadok: 1900; Henya: 1902

DATE OF DEATH: Tsadok: July 23, 1959; Henya: July 27, 1982

Henya was born in 1902 and Tsadok 1900. Both grew up in Russia in Zionist households yearning for the redemption of Israel. They were married 1919, and the following day departed in a convoy for Israel via Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. From the day they arrived they were lovingly committed to the development of the country. They were among the founders of ‘Neveh-Sha’anan’ Tel-Avi, and opened their home to refugees who’d arrived without certificates. Tsadok, who possessed  technical inventive skills, ( he invented the aerated soda device  of Tel-Aviv’s kiosks), established a  welding workshop. He employed illegal immigrants  there. During the pioneering stages of clandestine founding of settlements, ‘Choma and Migdal’, he left his profession  to volunteer for it. He exposed his children to all sides of the political spectrum, and journeyed with them to witness the country developing: new settlements, factories, roads etc. They became dedicated to  establishing the Jewish State, be it  through the ‘National Cells’, Hagana, or Etzel and Lehi; all had their parents’ utmost support . When daughter Leah joined Lehi, their house became a hideout for wanted fighters, and a storage place for weapons and secret documents. The welding workshop   supplied raw material for weapons, and  became a weapons storage place. In March 1944 Leah was arrested and imprisoned at  Bethlehem Women’s Prison. Lehi members then came to  clear the house  of weapons. Henya quickly  sent them away for fear they’d be captured,  promising  she’d hide the weapons and secret documents. Henya visited Bethlehem often, to bring food and supplies to Leah and friends; she even carried correspondence between  underground inmates inside her shoe-soles, textbooks, and improvised means. Tsadok, while visiting, promised his daughter if she wasn’t released within two months, he’d deliver an iron saw, so she could break free and continue  the struggle liberating the homeland. Their dedication and involvement continued during the War of Independence. Every victory, each liberated place exalted them. Tsadok passed away on July 23,1959, after rejecting post-operative treatment . Henya passed away in her sleep, July 27,1984.