NAME: Oren (Ornstein) Shlomo


DATE OF DEATH: October 19, 2009

Shlomo was born  1924 in Warsaw Poland, to his parents Mina and David, traditional Jews who had three children. He made Aliyah with his parents in 1928. The family lived at Kfar-Hassidim. His father worked initially as a  construction worker, then as payment collector at the “Doar-Hayom” and “Jerusalem Post” newspapers, later as an usher at the “Armon” Cinema. The mother was a housewife. Shlomo studied at the “Netzach Yisrael” school in Haifa, and later at the school for workers’ children in Kiryat-Chaim. His profession was engine mechanic. Until 1940 he was an Etzel member. He joined the British Navy 1942, serving as a Naval Engineer with the rank of Major. While serving in Alexandria in 1943, he met Yosef Sitner, who recruited him to Lehi. Sitner tasked him with  procuring weapons and ammunition and other equipment, and  transporting it to Israel.

Shlomo was discharged from the British Army 1945. The very day he returned to Israel he was arrested, because of an informer. He was interrogated and released. When he was returning from Egypt, a package was given him, to transport and deliver to an anonymous woman. He had no idea of its contents. Later he found out it contained weapons and ammunition. He did not open the package, and delivered it as requested of him,  helping her carry it as it was quite heavy. In the period of time following his return, he did not participate in Lehi activities. In 1948 he joined the Israeli Army, served in the Golani Brigade, and later in the Navy, at ‘Shayetet 13’ (13th Fleet), as a naval engineer ranking Sergeant Major. He was discharged in 1950. After  his release he worked in his profession, in various garages.

In 1951 he married Lola. The couple has two children and six grandchildren.