Avraham was born in New York on June 24,1930, to his parents Leah and David, natives of Slovakia, who’d immigrated to the US in 1926. The family was religious, with four children. They made a living from a family-owned launderette in New-York. Avraham studied in a Yeshiva until age 16, was a member of Beitar and ‘Bnei-Akiva’. He joined Lehi in 1946.

During 1947-1948, he worked together with a group of idealistic young Jews  involved in the struggle to establish a Jewish State in Eretz-Yisrael. Lehi members  were sent to train them: Binyamin Gefner, Bracha and Tsfoni Shomron, Herzl Eliav and Boaz Evron. They operated in a 2nd Ave. office/club where Hebrew was taught and ideological lectures were held. Avraham operated dedicatedly, in secrecy, circulating  explanatory material  in Jewish neighbourhoods, especially at conferences and public meetings. With comrades, he gathered weapons from former soldiers, which they sent to Lehi in Eretz-Yisrael. During that time period he studied Weapons Maintenance in a professional industrial training framework. He participated in a New-Jersey summer camp, where further lectures took place, and weapons usage was taught. In 1949 he made Aliyah alone. After some time at Kibbutz Afikim, he joined the religious Kibbutz Kfar-Darom staying there two years. He joined the IDF, served in the Ordnance Corps between 1951-1954, working in branches of weaponry. After his discharge he worked in laying the road to Eilat. Afterwards he worked in the Main Bureau of Statistics Jerusalem. Between the years 1956-1963 he was an IDF-employed civilian at the Tel-Hashomer Ordnance Corps, engaged in development  of light-weapons. During 1963-1987 he worked in “Urdan” Netanya, where special steel was developed for use in armoured equipment, and where the ‘Merkava’ Tank was first assembled. He worked in “Klal” finance Tel-Aviv, retiring 1993. Avraham married Bracha  Korach in 1960. They had two daughters, Yael and Miri, and three grandchildren. Bracha passed away on June 20,1989.

Avraham is active in the American Immigrants’ Association, especially in absorbing new immigrants.