Bracha was born on September 15,1926 to her parents, Rabbi Ezra Korach and Naomi  in Tsa’ana Yemen. Aged three and a half, her family moved to Israel; she was second of twelve children. They lived in  Manshia , moving to Hatikva neighbourhood 1935, among the first 200 families. Her father was Rabbi in Tel-Aviv’s Rabbinical Court. Her mother  took care of the family and engaged in civic works. Her grandfather, Rabbi Chaim Korach, was Chief Rabbi of the Yemenite Jews.  Bracha studied at ‘Talpiot’ Religious Elementary, later Tel Aviv High School, evenings. She worked as a cleaner mornings, funding her studies, assisting her family, and also worked as a clerk. Thirsty for knowledge and culture, she saved to attend  theatre, or a concert. She continued studying at ‘Levinsky’ teachers’ seminary. She joined Lehi undergoing weapons and self-defence courses. She instructed youth with ideological material, pasting up info-bulletins and circulating info-material. In one of the operations the British injured her leg. Unable to receive hospital treatment (fear of being discovered), she was treated in a private house in ‘Hatikva’. Bracha had unique ability-of-expression and a pleasant voice. She was occasionally involved in Lehi broadcasts in Tel-Aviv and briefly engaged in announcing Lehi Radio broadcast timings in the streets. Bracha joined the IDF with Lehi members in Sheikh-Munis  May 1948, served in the 89th Battalion then in the 21st Battalion, in the ‘Carmeli’ Brigade, as a paramedic, in  field hospitals. After discharge, she taught at Kiryat-Shmona, Kfar Giladi and Beer-Sheba. Later she moved to Tel-Aviv working as a secretary in the Labour Ministry’s Employment Dept., and studied Economics in the University of Tel-Aviv. A beautiful woman of strong character and opinions, Bracha was  full of  love for her homeland . She fulfilled her duties in Lehi, in the IDF, and as a teacher with utmost dedication and responsibility.

Bracha married Avraham Ofek 1930, an active Lehi member in New York, who emigrated in 1949. Bracha died after long illness on June 20,1989. She left behind  husband Avraham,  two daughters, Yael and Miri, and three grandchildren.