Avraham was born on October 10, 1926 in Radom, Poland, to Yaakov and Kayla. Avraham had two sisters. His father worked at a Polish bank, and the family made aliyah in 1933, on the ship Italia.

They moved into Tel Aviv’s Shabazi neighborhood. Avraham studied in the Bialik School on Lewinsky Street. When the riots began, the family moved to Kalischer Street. Avraham completed elementary school, and his father passed away in 1940. Avraham then joined HaNoar HaZioni and Gadna, eventually moving on to the Hagana, specifically the Hish in Tel Aviv. He joined the Notrim at age sixteen, based on a request of the Jewish Agency.

In 1944, he sought a connection to Lehi, and Geula Cohen was his recruiter. By his request, he was attached to the operations division. At first, he put up posters and distributed the HeHazit newspaper. Avraham took a firearms course in Segula in Petah Tikva. The first operation was in Holon, and many fighters took part. The aim was to seize firearms. An additional operation he took part in was seizing firearms from the “Kalaniot” at their lot on HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv. In this operation, seven soldiers were killed. He also took part in blowing up the intelligence headquarters on Jaffa Street in Tel Aviv; and the operation at Kfar Syrkin, in which British airplanes were blown up. Throughout a number of years, he also took part in a number of operations dedicated to seizing property and cash, including the Barclays Bank robbery.

After his supervisor Petachya was killed, Avraham was a wanted man. As the war against the Arabs began, he participated in the bombing of a three-story building on Pines Street and an operation in Abu Kabir. He was in Sheikh Munis, then transferred to Kfar Yaavetz. From Kfar Yaavetz, he went out on many anti-Arab operations. He was in the “Green Jeeps” unit, under the command of Blond Dov.

After Lehi joined the IDF, he was given the rank of corporal and sent to the Carmel Brigade, Battalion 24, where he fought at Mishmar HaYarden, in the ten days of battles, and the capture of the Jordan River mouth. He was injured in the caravan from Nabi Yusha to Menara.  He was hospitalized for a month, transferred to a transit camp, and then returned to Battalion 82, which was then in Lod, at this request. He worked in the armory there, and he went on to do reserve duty for three decades. When he finished his regular service, he had no means of support. He was offered a job with the Mossad, but this never materialized, and instead he went to work as a diamond polisher.

In 1952, he married Penina Nathanson. They had a son, a daughter and a dozen grandchildren.

In 1977, he started working as the head of the warehouse for the Ramat Gan Municipality Department of Education. He worked there until he retired. He was active for many years at Beit Yair.

In 1992, he wrote an autobiography, “Under My Own Power,” donating a copy to all the public libraries in Israel. Avraham passed away on February 21,2009. He was buried in the Yarkon Cemetery.