NAME: Niago, Siman-Tov


DATE OF BIRTH: February 9, 1925

Siman-Tov was born on February 9, 1925 in Haskovo, Bulgaria, to Victoria and Yaakov. In this city lived two thousand Jews, supporting four Zionist parties and three Zionist youth movements. His maternal grandfather, Menahem Grun, was the director of the Supreme Council of the Revisionists in Bulgaria. His father was the head of the Haskovo branch.

Because it was such a Zionist family, Siman-Tov joined Beitar at age thirteen. He studied in elementary school and in the American high school is Sofia. The family made aliyah in 1944, and he started studying at Technion in Haifa. In 1946, he joined Lehi. At first, he put up posters, and then he received training in a firearms course, a commanders’ course and an ideological course. He was instrumental in putting together electronic devices and electrical infrastructure for Lehi.

In May 1948, as the State was established, he joined the IDF along with his Lehi comrades. He took a course for communications officers and a course for infantry officers, serving in most of the 8th Brigade’s battles. He was demobilized in 1963, and received a master’s degree in management.

In the underground, he met Miriam “Carmela” Onikovksy, and they married at the end of the War of Independence. They have two daughters and numerous grandchildren.

In 1964, the family moved to Safed. Siman-Tov worked for many years at Mekorot, and after his retirement in 1973, he opened a planning office in Safed. He volunteered for many years with the supporters of the government hospital in Safed, and he served as treasurer and director of the research fund, among other positions. He was active in HaBonim HaHofshim.

After Miriam’s death, he moved to Haifa in 1993.