NAME: Newman Hana nee Rosen



Ann was born in Poland to her mother Risha and father Eliezer, and came on aliya in 1936, with her parents and two brothers. She lived in Tel-Aviv, studied at ‘Balfour’ elementary school. Her secondary schooling took place at the English High School, situated just next to the CID Headquarters. After her elder brother Pesach – a Lehi member- was abducted and jailed in 1942, she joined Etzel with her brother Issac. When Issac was arrested, tried, and sentenced to 7 years for carrying arms, Hanna left Etzel and joined Lehi. She helped paste info-bulletins on walls, transmitted information, and excelled as a cyclist. Being blonde, she had no trouble cycling around CID Headquarters, observing the movements of their personnel, and reporting all back to her superiors. At her building on 4 Balfour St, one of her neighbors journeyed abroad for an extended period, leaving  his apartment in her care during absence. This apartment was used for storing printed matter, weapons, and for holding courses. With establishment of the State, Hanna enlisted in the IDF. During this time she met Rudolf Newman, a volunteer from abroad (“Machal”) who had been a US Air-Force navigator during WWII. As a Machalnik, he transported arms from Czechoslovakia to Eretz-Yisrael and brought over planes from the USA. Hanna/Ann wed Rudy in 1949, at a wedding on the rooftop of the Balfour St house, attended by many Machal volunteers. In 1950  Hanna’s son was born. Rudy worked at El-Al. In 1952 the family settled in the States. She had two more sons, and became a successful businesswoman.

Ann is dedicated, heart and soul, to the legacy of Lehi. She regards the War of Independence and Establishment of the State, as deeply meaningful, important events in the Jewish People’s history, and she is infinitely proud of the role accorded her by destiny, to take part in the valiant struggle to achieve these, spearheaded by Lehi.

Hanna today has 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She is a member of the Friends of the IDF, active in donating and fundraising towards Jewish and Israeli causes.