NAME: Nardimon (Shleffer) Yaakov


DATE OF BIRTH: June 16, 1923

DATE OF DEATH: April 2, 1956

Yaakov (known to all as Yankele), was born in Bălți, in the Bessarabia region of what is now Moldova, on June 16, 1923 to Eliezer and Naama. Yaakov made aliyah at age sixteen, joining the Beitar branch in Netanya. Afterwards he joined the IZL

In 1941, after the split, he moved to Lehi. He was arrested in Netanya, and he was detained in prison and detention camps, both in the Land of Israel and abroad. He was part of the first group whom the British exiled to Africa on 19 October 1944, to Sembel (near Asmara, Eritrea). They were then transferred to Carthago (Sudan), back to Eritrea and then finally to Gilgil (Kenya).

Yaakov was part of the breakout in Eritrea, among 54 who escaped on 29 June 1946, via two tunnels. However, they were caught and returned to the detention camp.

After the State was established, he was sent back with the final group on 12.6.1948, about seven years after his arrest in Netanya.

After his released, he started working in Linotype publishing, and he was very successful.

In 1955, Yaakov married Hava Schwartz. Four months after their marriage, he was diagnosed with cancer, but he managed to hang on until their son was born.

He passed away on April 2,1956, and was buried in Kiryat Shaul. The son was named Yaakov after him, and he married and had two sets of twins.

Yaakov is remembered to this day by his comrades as a brilliant man with a pleasant demeanor.