NAME: Nachshon (Kaffe) Pinchas

LEHI ALIAS: Nachshon

DATE OF BIRTH: 15 August, 1924

DATE OF DEATH: 2 September, 2012

Pinchas Nachshon was born on 15 August, 1924 to Rivka and Moshe Kaffe, in the small town of Markosov, in Lublin Poland.

In 1939, his father, who was a devoted Beitar member, traveled to Krakow to hear Zeev Jabotinsky’s speech. Jabotinsky’s warning that “black spirits are approaching and threatening the Jews of Europe – eradicate the diaspora before the diaspora eradicates you”, greatly affected him and he decided to make aliya with his family.  The father contacted the organizers of the immigrant ship “Parita”, who were Beitar members. Pinchas and his family traveled on a very rough road to the port of Constanza in Romania and from there began their journey to Israel. Most of the passengers were young men, and the Kaffe family was among the few families on board. For weeks, they endured hardships and hunger until finally, after 42 days, on August 22, 1939, the ship reached the shore of Tel Aviv’s Yama beach (near the Frishman beach). The passengers were apprehended by the British and sent to a detention camp in Tzrifin. Pinchas was 15 at the time.

Two years later, he enlisted in Lehi and took part in operations until the independence of Israel. He later adopted, his Lehi nickname “Nachshon” as his surname.

Pinchas died on September 2nd, 2012 and was laid to rest at Yarkon Cemetery.