NAME: Nachshon, Shlomo

LEHI ALIAS: Shimshon


DATE FALLEN: November 4, 1947

Shlomo, son of Margalit and Aaron Nachshon, was born in Tel Aviv in 1928. His family was traditional and infused with love of the Land of Israel. His parents made aliyah in 1880. The journey was mostly on foot or on donkey, with much physical danger and travail. When they reached Jerusalem, they lived in a cave in Silwan.

Due to the difficult economic situation, they moved to Zikhron Yaakov, then to Tel Aviv. They lived on the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and they had to flee when the riots broke out in 1929. The family settled in Kerem HaTeimanim. Shlomo studied in Talmud Torah Teimanim, where he excelled as a student. He was not only smart, but talented as well, with a beautiful voice and musical skill. His father implanted in him love for the Land of Israel.

In 1940, his father was killed when Italian warplanes bombed Tel Aviv. Afterwards, the family was left destitute, and Shlomo had to go to work to support his family.

Shlomo, like many in his neighborhood, found his way to the underground, joining Lehi. Among his roles in the underground, he put up posters, a dangerous activity, especially after the tragic capture of Alexander Rubowitz in Jerusalem. British soldiers patrolled the city looking for youths who were putting up posters. For this reason, armed guards now accompanied them.

On November 4,1947, Shlomo was part of a security detail when one of the youths putting up posters was captured by British soldiers and transferred to the North Tel Aviv police station. The commander of the security detail concluded that there was no way to rescue the youth who had been arrested, as there were numerous armed policemen on the second floor of the building, which meant they could not approach. The commander gave the order to stand down, but Shlomo either did not hear this order or ignored it, charging the entrance, which was guarded by a British soldier. Shlomo quickly shot him dead and took his weapon, but before he could enter the building, the armed guards from the second floor arrived and shot him dead.

Shlomo was buried in Nahalat Yitzhak Cemetery in Tel Aviv.