NAME: Moskowitz, Yitzhak



DATE FALLEN: November 12,1947

Yitzhak was born in Istanbul in 1928; his mother was a native of Turkey herself, but his father Sammy was from Romania. In his youth he studied in an Austrian missionary school, much like other “foreign” children, who avoided the public schools. From his youth he was inculcated with love of the Land of Israel, and at age fourteen, he joined Beitar, which was illegal in Turkey at the time, despite the danger to his family. This was during World War II, and Turkey was neutral. In 1943, after finishing school, his parents’ supporters his dream of participating in the youth aliyah, which he realized.

His journey began in Magdiel, where he was one of the Mapilim in the third class. The goal was to go out and establish the core of an agricultural settlement. However, his energies soon turned to a higher aim: removing the foreign occupier from the Land of Israel. The underground struggle against the British authorities also found support in Magdiel. Once he expressed such beliefs, Yitzhak had to leave the institution, and with some other youths, he found his way to Lehi.

In Lehi, he was very successful, he distributed propaganda and underwent firearms training. He also took part in combat operations, instructed those who were slightly younger than him and turned many recruits into fighters. In particular, he taught many firearms courses. He was the instructor of a course of young people who had just arrived at an isolated house in Raanana. Before they had a chance to learn anything, a company of British soldiers arrived and opened fire, slaughtering them mercilessly. Yitzhak picked up his machine gun, but he was too late, as British bullets felled him before he could return fire.

He was nineteen when he died, on November 12,1947.