Yosef was born in June 1929 in Petah Tikva to his parents, Esther and Shlomo Mizrahi.

His father, made aliyah from Kurdistan during the second aliyah. He was a vintner in Zikhron Yaakov and a guard in Petah Tikva. The mother, Esther came from Şanlıurfa, Turkey. She was a homemaker and raised the five children. The parents were Zionist and traditional, dedicated, with the inclination to the right of the political map, and in this spirit, they educated their children. Yosef studied in the haredi elementary school She’erit Israel, then continued in the Religion Zionist school Netzach Israel, then in professional school.

He was a Beitar member and instructor. In 1947, at the age of sixteen, then enlisted in Lehi. Haggai Eshed was responsible for the entire region. Yosef put up posters and fundraised. He trained with firearms at Shaaria, next to Mahane Yehuda, and in the orchards of Tel Litwinsky.

His older brother David was a guard and joined the Notrim. His brother Avraham was an IZL member, was seized on the Night of the Beatings, when he was tortured to death. His third brother Michael died at the hands of Arab rioters.

In 1948, he, along with other Lehi members, enlisted in the IDF at Sheikh Munis.

In the War of Independence, he served in Battalion 82 of the 8th Brigade, with the rank of sergeant. He took part in Operation Danny, capturing the Lod Airport, Bnei Atarot, Yehudia, Saqiya A and B (now Or Yehuda). He was part of the operation to break through to the Negev, capturing the police fort at Iraq Suwaydan, and the taking of Beersheba and Auja el-Hafir. His IDF service ended in 1949 with the end of the War of Independence. In the reserves, he served in the same battalion, and later in the security battalion of the Air Force. He completed his reserve duty at an advanced age.

In March 1954, he married Miriam Lavi, who had recently made aliyah from Tunisia, whom he knew from a transit camp. They had five children and seven grandchildren.

Their son Daniel died in the First Lebanon War, and the Yad Daniel synagogue was established in his memory in Petah Tikva, in which, in addition to the daily prayer service, regular Torah lectures take place.

After he was discharged from IDF, he worked in the Tiv Bayit oil factor, serving as the secretary of the workers’ committee. Yosef was committed to Zionist ideology and love of the homeland. He was a Likud member. As a religious person, he felt a great connection to the National Religious Party. He volunteered and helped his friends, and he was a warm and dedicated father to his children.

He passed away on January 31,2000, was buried in Segula Cemetery in Petah Tikva, his birthplace.