NAME: Mizrahi, Meir

LEHI ALIAS: Little Yitzhak

DATE OF BIRTH: February 3, 1927

DATE FALLEN: July 9, 1948

Meir was born in 1927 in Jerusalem to Salah Zadok Mizrahi and Hannah, who had made aliyah in 1921 from Iraq. The family had seven brothers and four sisters. They lived in the Beit Israel neighborhood. Meir studied in Talmud Torah and started working at a young age to support the family. He repaired bicycles and also rose early to distribute newspapers, along with his brother Moshe. He joined Beitar and then IZL, where he was dissatisfied with the policy of ceasing attacks on the British, so he joined Lehi with his friends. One brother was in IZL and another in the Palmach, but this caused no tension. Many of their neighbors were underground members, Lehi in particular.

Like other fresh recruits, Meir’s job was putting up posters, particularly in the neighborhoods of Zikhron Moshe, Geula, Beit Israel, Me’a She’arim and the Bukharan. He went on to other activities, including smuggling weapons and stealing medicines that Lehi members needed and could not get any other way. One time, he was carrying a pistol and was stopped by British police and searched. Luckily, the search was superficial, and they did not find the pistol at his back, shoved into his belt. His composure saved him. His mother tried to dissuade him, but she did not succeed.

Another time, he fled from British police and hid in a closet in his home, but he was caught and sent to Latrun.

After his release, he returned to Lehi and the fight for Jerusalem. He participated in the attacks on Der Yassin and Ein Kerem, but in the latter battle he was injured. He died of his wounds on July 9,1948 and was buried on Mt. Herzl.