NAME: Mitzmacher, Yitzhak


DATE OF BIRTH: December 24, 1932

DATE FALLEN: June 3, 1948

Yitzhak was born to Rachel and Anshel Mitzmacher on December 24,1932. His parents made aliyah from Poland in the early 1930s and then married and settled in Rishon LeZion. The father worked in the vineyards in Rishon LeZion and Zikhron Yaakov. The mother was a homemaker, raising five children, the oldest of whom was Yitzhak.

The family was Religious Zionist, and Yitzhak studied in the Talmud Torah. Due to his desire to perpetuate the traditions of the family, he attended the yeshiva Heikhal HaTalmud in Tel Aviv, in which he was successful and lived in the dormitory for years.

However, his outrage at the foreign occupier kept him from being content with the folios of the Talmud, so he joined Lehi. His classmate in yeshiva, Avraham Ravitz, who grew up to be a rabbi and member of Knesset, told of Yitzhak’s deep love for the homeland and his talents as an underground member — he kept every secret, never revealing his affiliation, even to Ravitz, his fellow Lehi member!

His good friend Mordechai Kokis, now a rabbi in the Gilat Meir study hall, next to Yeshivat Porat Yosef in Rehovot, remembers that Yitzhak’s friends realized he was a Lehi member when they saw him come home with his hands and clothes smeared with glue from putting up posters. They were amazed that he seemed unconcerned about the British, who would open fire on those involved in the activity.

In the yeshiva, they did not know that fifteen-year-old Yitzhak had already been trained with firearms and served as a guard at different posts. He even trained new recruits, some of whom were much older than him.

As Egyptian forces attacked the south, Yitzhak was about to take an advanced firearms course. He could not wait to go out to the battlefield himself. His family in Rishon LeZion knew nothing of his activity in Lehi, as they thought he was merely studying in a yeshiva in Tel Aviv.

After the State was established, Yitzhak joined the IDF. He received leave to visit his family in Rishon LeZion, and one day he was in the courtyard with his father when Egyptian bombers passed overhead and dropped their payload. The two were killed immediately, on June 3,1948, and buried in Rishon LeZion.