Yitzhak was born in Jerusalem in 1930, to Esther and Eliezer. After graduating from elementary school, he assisted in supporting his family and worked as a delivery person for the Palestine Post newspaper. He joined the Lehi underground and his nickname was “Issaschar”.

When the attacks in Jerusalem began, he guarded the city, joined convoys to Tel Aviv and various battles, participated in operations in Atarot, Wadi-Joz, Yaffo Gate and Motza, where he crawled while under fire to his commander who was wounded. He bandaged him and removed him from the field of fire. He suffered multiple injuries, recovered and returned to battle.

After recovering from his fifth injury, his parents urged him to be leave the army, but he refused. When the Jewish Quarter was taken, he went to camp Schneller to receive commands (and according to another version, his salary), and was seriously injured from shell fragments. The next day, on May 29th, 1948, he died in the hospital.

He was buried in Sheikh-Badr. On September 10th, 1950, he was laid to rest in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.