NAME: Menahem (Masri) Haim



DATE OF DEATH: January 21, 2000

Haim was born in 1915 in Port Said, Egypt to his father Hadoku and his mother Simcha. His father was born in Aden, which was under British control. This gave him British citizenship, which he could pass on to his children, including Haim. His father reached Egypt, where he met Haim’s mother, who had been born in the Land of Israel. They married and had eleven children: four daughters and seven sons. Haim was the youngest of the boys.

Haim studied in elementary school and in high school, in the Lycée Français (Alliance), in which he acquired a number of languages: Hebrew, English and French. He joined the Maccabee youth group. In 1933, at the age of eighteen, he made aliyah illegally by rail from Port Said, by way of El-Qantara, and then settled in Tel Aviv, at the border of Jaffa. After aliyah, he joined IZL, the Hagana (Nationalist). He played soccer for Maccabee Tel Aviv. During the 1936-1939 Riots, he protected the Jaffa border from Arab rioters, in the context of IZL.

At the split, he joined Lehi. The command staff met in his house, where they discussed The Two, i.e. Hanokh Starlitz and Binyamin Zeroni, who disputed Yair’s path. Because of his proficiency in languages and his British passport, his main role in Lehi was in the intelligence service. He went throughout the country freely and gathered valuable information about the movement of the British soldiers and policemen. In a candy store, on Herzl Street, at the corner of Wolfson on Tel Aviv, which was owned by his sister Rosa, Lehi members found refuge when they needed to. He walked at the airport as a translator. He enlisted in the IDF as part of the Lehi brigade in May 1948, and he served in Battalion 89 in the 8th Brigade, serving in Operation Danny, Operation Ayin and Operation Uvda, with the rank of company master sergeant. After his demobilization, he travelled to England for a year-and-a-half.

In 1953, he married Ora Plumbo. They had two children and numerous grandchildren.

In 1958, he started working in the income tax office in the Tel Aviv District. He received the national fighters’ medal.

He passed away on January 21, 2000.