NAME: Mareseh Zvi Naftali


DATE OF DEATH: 31 March, 1960

Zvi Mareseh was born in Vienna, Austria in 1903 and made Alyia in 1939. In Vienna his beliefs in the Zionism of Ze’ev Jabotinsky started to take form, and those beliefs served as a guiding light throughout his life. Zvi moved with his family to Warsaw, Poland. In Warsaw he owned a snack bar. He then founded the National Club on Marshallkovska Street, which served as a home for many Zionist operations. There he met Natan Yellin-Mor “Gera” and assisted him in his activities. After immigrating to Israel, he was recruited to Lehi by Yellin-Mor. He took it upon himself to help raise funds and meticulously followed instructions and handled the funds. Zvi took care of medical issues of the fighters and was in charge of the Finance and Supporters Divisions under Natan Yellin-Mor “Gera”. Due to his age and because he was large, he did not arouse the suspicion of the police, although he often carried sensitive documents in his bag that he would have difficulty explaining if they had arrested him. He was able to get a passport without difficulty. Zvi was part of the delegation to the Zionist Congress held in Switzerland after World War II, together with Akiva Baron “Levin” and Ya’akov Yardor “Rashdal”. After the congress ended, he moved to Paris, and participated in Political and Information activities, and later assisted in establishing an organizational infrastructure needed for executing operations. Zvi operated in Paris and other European cities and was called the “Finance Minister” of the Lehi, he would travel through Europe under different identities. In Paris he was arrested. Following his imprisonment, his health deteriorated, and he suffered illnesses until the day he died. When he returned to Israel, he worked as Director of the Tax Department of the Kupat Holim. He Married Sarah. He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge. Zvi died on Tuesday March 31st, 1960.