NAME: Markin Ya’akov

DATE OF BIRTH: 22 May, 1916

DATE OF DEATH: 9 March, 1994

Ya’akov Markin, son of Perla and Nahum-Yitzhak was born in Bulgaria on 20th of May 1916 and immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1928. His father, Nahum-Yitzhak Markin, was a member of the Lehi underground and worked for the underground in Bulgaria. The farm and house where he lived with his parents was used by the Lehi as a training and operations base. In 1944 he managed warehouses and supplies under the command of Ya’akov Banai “Mazal”. After Bernadot’s murder, Ya’akov was arrested at his father’s house. He was questioned and held in custody for 62 days. Ya’akov was released only after agreeing to sign a statement that he will have no future ties to terrorist organizations. He received the Lehi badge. He married Nehama Weinstein and they had a son, Lior and a daughter, Idit. Ya’akov died March 9th, 1994 and was laid to rest in Sgula Cemetery in Petah Tikva.


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