Moshe was born on August 24, 1926.  At the age of fourteen, he abandoned his studies and began working as an apprentice in a garage in Petah Tikva. He joined Beitar and was active in it until he was recruited to the IZL. He was formally sworn in at a packing house. After the split in IZL, he moved on to Lehi. He enlisted in the British Army and served as a driver in Egypt, where his unit was stationed. He used his army connections to purchase firearms and smuggle them to the Land of Israel.

In 1945, after he was discharged, he started working as a civilian driver for the British Army in the Land of Israel. In December 1946, he parked his truck by a garage at the Sarafand Camp (now Tzrifin), supposedly for repairs. From there, Yaakov “Goel” Panso stole the vehicle (he had the same job as Moshe). The underground loaded the truck with explosives. On December 5,1946 Goel drove the truck back into Sarafand, parked it next to the command headquarters and ran away. The explosion was massive, killing and injuring many British soldiers.

The CID soon arrested Moshe and interrogated him for four days, beating him mercilessly. However, they could not get him to give up any information, so he was sent to Latrun. Soon after he was exiled to Sembel (near Asmara, Eritrea). He was then transferred on 12 March 1947 to Gilgil (Kenya). After the State was establsiehd, Moshe was returned, in July 1948.

He enlisted in the IDF, serving in the 8th Brigade, Battalion 89, under Yaakov “Blond Dov” Granek. During the attack on the Beit Guvrin police station, Moshe volunteered to drive the armored vehicle and plant a bomb by the wall of the fort. The explosion breached the wall, but the concussive blasts caused injuries to Moshe’s back. After extensive treatments, he was discharged at fifty-percent disability.

In 1950, Moshe met his future wife and travelled with her to meet her family in Turkey; they married there. They returned to Israel so their daughter could be born in the Holy Land. Eventually, they moved to Canada, where Moshe has a business.