NAME: Miranda Moshe



DATE OF DEATH: September 30, 1996

Moshe, son of Tamara and Gavriel, was born in 1919 in Sofia, Bulgaria, fourth of five children. His father was a merchant. They were a well-established family in a Zionist community which supported higher Hebrew education. Moshe studied in a Hebrew school, then went on to a government high school, joining the Maccabee sports club. He was an assistant instructor in Maccabee Sofia, as well as a Beitar member.

In 1939, he made aliyah illegally under the auspices of Beitar. To avoid the British, he jumped from the ship, threw away his Bulgarian passport, and swam a kilometer to the shore. Thus, he avoided capture. He then joined the Beitar company in Rishon LeZion, then IZL, and finally Lehi, after the split. He moved to Tel Aviv, working in the British NAAFI canteen in Jaffa. This was meant to be a perfect cover for his underground activities, but it was not successful, as he was arrested in 1942 by the British. He was first sent to Mizra, then to Latrun for six months, then to Acre Prison, then back to Latrun. Finally, he was among the group exiled to Africa on October 19,1944. In detention, he was active, organizing sports and serving at times as a barber or a chef, always in good spirits. In humorous and practical ways, he managed to improve the conditions for the prisoners. Once he organized a football team. He used his time to study English and accounting, but sports always came first.

He was finally returned to Israel on July 12,1948 after six-and-a-half years of detention in Israel and abroad. He settled in Jaffa on his return, enlisted in the IDF and served in the school for physical training in his regular service. He then re-upped for three more years.

In 1950, he married Rachel Hovesh. They had two daughters and numerous grandchildren. He was one of the founders of FC Maccabee Jaffa, and one of its foremost players. Even after retiring from the sport, he continued to work with the team, including as assistant coach. His dream was to travel to England and attend coaching school, but this never came to fruition. He worked at Poalim Bank for 28 years, until he retired. His wife worked at the Maccabi Health Fund. He was well-known and liked among the Bulgarian community in Jaffa.

He was always to ready to help others. In addition to loving sports, he enjoyed classical music. He also was a world traveler. More than anything, he displayed compassion and readiness to help others.

He passed away on September 30,1996. His headstone reads: “To give heart and soul, to give out of love.”