NAME: Manaleh, Ezra


DATE OF BIRTH: October 7, 1933

Ezra was born on October 7, 1933 in Poland to Malka née Bernholtz and Yitzhak Manaleh. His parents were fervently Zionist. Ezra made aliyah with his family in 1936. His father worked in construction, building roads and in the orchards. He joined the Notrim for a time, during the 1936-1939 riots.

At age thirteen, in 1946, inspired by the nationalist education in his home, he joined the youth cell of Lehi. He put up posters and disseminated promotional material, as well as training with firearms. He attended ideological courses and recruited religious young men and women. Once Camp Yair was established at Sheikh Munis, he underwent field training there.

Due to his youth, he could not enlist in the IDF, so he stayed in the camp for ongoing activities. After the Bernadotte assassination, he managed to avoid arrest. After the general clemency, he joined the Lehi cell at Kibbutz Neve Yair. When this was disbanded, he went home and joined the IDF, finishing officers’ training, serving as an engineering officer with the rank of captain. Ezra fought in every war of Israel after the War of Independence.

He served the nation in senior positions for two decades, including two years at Midreshet Sde Boker. He also worked for a long time at Agrexco in Israel and France.

He earned his degree from Tel Aviv University.

He got married in 1954 and had three daughters and numerous grandchildren.