Moshe, son of Binyamin and Rivka, was born on November 15, 1927 in Warsaw. The family made aliyah in 1933, including his parents and his three older sisters.

Moshe was a very quiet child who loved to read voraciously. A bookworm, he had an interest in technology, not sports or the sea.

The family was traditional, and Moshe was sent to the Tachkemoni School. Due to their difficult economic situation in the Land of Israel, he had to start working at a young age.

He joined Lehi at a young age too. He was responsible for a cell in the basic training and youth division. Edith, who knew him well, said: “Moshe was a serious person, responsible, intelligent, modest and dedicated, the very model of a freedom fighter, doing everything humbly and without hesitation. He had a good heart and was an exceptional friend.”

At age eighteen, he joined the IDF, armored Battalion 82 of the 8th Brigade. In the Battle of el-Arish, he was lightly injured. He recovered and returned to the battalion. After he completed his mandatory service, he re-upped and stayed in army, eventually reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel.

He married Shoshana Schmeltzinger, and they had a daughter Ruthie. They have numerous grandchildren.

After leaving the army, he worked as an engineer in a factory in the security sector.

At age 58, on May 30,1986 he died of brain cancer. He was buried in Holon.

His sister Miriam said: “Moshe was a delicate soul, with a great heart, and very smart. He was a walking encyclopedia, and he knew about everything. Talking to him was always refreshing.”